Today, composite seals are the best solution for filling damaged teeth cavities. White fillings are much more aesthetically pleasing, and functionally are of a higher quality. Many different materials and colour shades are blended to create each white tooth filling so that it matches your natural teeth as accurately as possible.

In contrast to amalgams (metal fillings), white fillings, as well as being cosmetically far more appealing, also help preserve the health of the remaining dental tissue and don’t cause discolouration.

In order for your child to be happy and motivated to brush and look after their teeth, we have the option of producing a coloured filling.

Deciduous teeth (commonly known as baby teeth) health is extremely important because these maintain a space for permanent teeth, and when it comes to the growth of a permanent tooth, direct its growth.

Sealing of fissures is a preventative process, with which we endeavour to prevent the development of dental caries on new permanent teeth. It is completely painless and does not involve grinding or drilling into the tooth.


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