A veneer is used to cover the surface of the tooth in order to correct the tooth’s shape, size and colour. There is minimal grinding required during its application. Each veneer is custom made from dental porcelain. Ceramic veneers are extremely resistant to discolouration and do not darken, which makes this the best solution for a beautiful and natural smile.

As well as individually made veneers, we also offer pre-prepared veneers; these can be applied in just one treatment, meaning you immediately get your desired smile.

1) Metal-ceramic crowns have a metal base with a ceramic coating, making them aesthetically pleasing and functional.

2) Zirconium-ceramic crowns have a zirconium base and a ceramic coating. These crowns are distinguished by improved strength and aesthetics; they are made to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

3) Non-metallic crowns are made entirely from ceramics. These crowns perfectly replicate the natural shape and colour of teeth, and provide an extremely high resistance to plaque and tooth decay.

 The materials used are responsible for achieving the highest aesthetic standards.

Whitening is a safe process. It does not change the dental composition. The latest technology allows white teeth in less than 20 minutes. Smiling is one of the key elements of our appearance; with our method you can quickly and easily get a perfect smile. How white can your teeth become? Choose a hue of white that is perfect for you.


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